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good morning franc pit on hit the to field a grill in san leandro. the file back to russia over night. it might have been started in a dumpster in the back. one firefighter was hurt pretty badly. this is what the battalion chief at the same. would have one of research on the roof ventilating and he sustains a pretty good cut on his lower leg. the file is under investigation in the honor is here. the investigation will be going on throughout the morning. occupied protesters are warned that they could be removed soon from the site here in san francisco. their liking it and the continuing the celebration into early this morning as you can see. they're still here in these
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occupiers have that to take back their original campsite from last year. this group is a smaller one weekend about eight pretend intense. a dozen people. a handful of them are still awake and continuing yesterday's celebration. this group has marched through the san francisco financial district to hear of the celebration yesterday was more faster than attention driven. for some cities difficult to manage but yesterday's group had no reported problems with the exception of traffic. occupiers told us yesterday in the san francisco police department warned them to clear the plaza by 6:00 this morning and we know the handful of occupiers
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sadat also please your and my. what to see a 6:00 a.m. if this group of occupiers decides to disperse or state. primarily here at the port of oakland. the agency said it found 37 pages of documents are requested by the aclu. it released the to those pages. documents and not disclosed the role federal agents. the latest buzz in the presidential race is something about republican mitt romney said for months ago. mother jones a left-leaning magazine and basis ever since the press release hidden camera village. shall at a private 50 pheasant our plate fund-raiser in for the
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last minute on the where he was being recorded mitt romney said nearly half of americans of victims who feel entitled to government support. mother jones magazine released a video on monday. be with their victims to leave the government has a responsibility to care for them. the believe they're entitled to health care and housing. they will vote for this president a matter what could he says his message has always been that we need smaller government. this is ultimately a question about the direction for the country. do you believe in the government's center society that provides more benefits or the lead and a free enterprise society. shall the obama campaign was respond to the tape calling it shocking. it's hard to serve as
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president for all americans when you've disdainfully written off up the nation. president obama that with a similar situation campaign to doesn't eight. he was secretly recorded telling donors that many of our blood cling to guns and religion. vice-presidential candidate talk about that, on monday. romney did not retract anything he said in the video. he does admit that it was not ... stated. the ballot campaign probably try to capitalize on the controversy. what's your reaction to romney is a victim comments. if you think about recording. everyone his recording of days. is going to such a change
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here. what in the last week of summer. somewhat quickly won the gun. low clouds and fog to start the day. temperatures many in the fifties but. the fault is an affront to the day and some of the ballot is prepared the temperatures 70's and 80's england. out towards the coast like the these and '60s with patchy fog even cooler weather. a few co-workers notice as
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rubber, are heading to san francisco this morning. no. but what wanted to 80 connector. the offer with closure eastbound but however for. closed until 530 this morning. was however for commuter is the moving at top speeds. more road what hit no. 880 enterprise 16th. this is a live look near the coliseum were in north and software everything looks great the appeared mass- transit also in the start. this is the trend of axle and everything is going nicely and up the ructions all along the peninsula. a cut its north africa and which is calling for more demonstrations and attacks on american diplomats to protect
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his interest is on video. in afghanistan at least four people are dead after an attack by a female suicide bomber in cobble to the police say the bomber had traversed all sedan into a minibus caring for the aviation workers. eight of the victims were from south africa. a spokesman for another tour group claimed responsibility. sitting as a response to the same video. that means that until further notice most u.s. soldiers will not interact with the afghan counterparts. the decision comes after recent violence involving afghan soldiers turning some coalition soldiers attacking them. the 21 coalition soldiers have been killed in such taxes here. the video shows the effort to save you up as ambassador to libya. the president of the city shot the video would face of competition as a group of libyan strike to press you chris stevens after finding him go
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live inside the consulate. eventually they drove into a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. if through some got a little more than he bargained for this year. he had to be rescued from a tree under the forced know which and auburn. he jumped on the bridge after sunset last night and got caught on a tree on his way gun. the two crew several hours to rescue him. he's none trouble with the law for jumping from the highest bridge in california. 69 year-old charlie pretty the fire firefighter was traveling to visit firefighter montreal. his lasting five days ago, on the bus but a conductor who said he did appear disoriented. if he was disoriented he could a fallen and he could be on the side of the tracks for more. and the family says he was taking medication for heart problems and diabetes his
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the police chief of san jose will soon turn in his badge. some people are saying that the timing of the chiefs retirement isn't good for the city given no late summer car and wait in san jose. as you mentioned when he retires in january he will have served as chief of this apartment for nearly two years. he is a 30 year veteran of law-enforcement and as the chief he said to deal with budget cuts including leg of 65 officers last year and cutting the salaries of those remaining officers but 10 percent. to achieve to downplay speculation that he was being pushed out of office. as for the recent crime wave as we played
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the city the retiring chief takes it will take time to work through the problems. the bottom line is that were the top spot as quantitate a couple of years to get us through the issues. in the meantime this would be very difficult and i get that. but for me and my family 30 years is the right time. the san jose city council on at odds over the perception of corn and san jose. there is one too many sennight to address the court issues in the city. the council has a plan is 7:00 study session that will be and police response to ping activity in the police union are born to hold a crime-prevention meeting at 630 and he said jose. some said that is certainly not the case now. contra costa county officials says they will work on
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contingency plans in case of a strike in a criminal that justice system. public defenders and deputy district attorneys are both prepared to walk outbursts' salary and benefit disputes. unionist leaders said if the strike they will stay out until they get results. i think it's more symbolic than real and this time it will be real rather than symbolic. but the lives of public defender's office have been decimated. the county has cut back our compensation as well. a french court rules on kate middleton's request for an injunction for topless photos. a secret million net debt for months without anybody knowing what he had stashed in his garage and who founded. which seemed to and is caught up in trees but a hidden stocks and a pilot. i
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and windward and was dressed in portland oregon with a
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homeowner with a kitten's cry for help. the rescue crews ride and use shovels and a tiny camera. after six hours or able to extricate the kitten from and drainpipe. firefighters the kitten to the physician for a night and into a chant. around a bit to this and low clouds and fog. even some of the ballot this thing for this morning but that is going to live fairly quickly as it had towards the afternoon temperatures will rise. this afternoon to insure so running below average about 2 to 10
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degrees. see '60s and '70s for up the bay and '60s up toward the coast line with patchy fog continuing. debentures will remain down and will see sunshine but unusually cold temperatures for this time of year. effect at 5 degrees in fresno and a net decrease in yosemite about 87 degrees in sacramento. 64 degrees a moderate day. about 82 degrees and warm in morgan hill 60 2:00 p.m. hockey in half moon bay. 80s but afternoon under mostly sunny skies. 62 degrees in san francisco and 50 degrees in daly city. temperatures will phillies steady in the lows are swing important, and as we head into the first the form temperatures begin to cool off.
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@ towards a big british as to conceal it is the light right know if you're heading into a separate system. if you're heading into san francisco we have a pretty major street closer south of market street. howard street is struck dumb between good and forth. source have a congested traffic around there. for the meantime least the next 45 minutes these lanes of highway 4 of leverage in pittsburgh will be closed for overnight road work. it was however 4 is ok.
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for 16 to red wing it should be picked up where the run-up. was up 580 so far so good commander the altamont pass. the court in france or the publisher of a gossip magazine to stop using topless photos of committal center and a magazine called clothes are published 14 pictures of a partially clad he duchess of cambridge. the judge blocked and the for the display at of the photos. today's ruling does not affect publications and other countries have arm also shunned those pictures. the chicago teachers strike could be over soon. today is the seventh day of the walkout. union members are gathering to decide whether to accept the latest offer to end the strike. the mirror has gone
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to court to at i have the teachers the boys back to work. the flight was given a complete search on the runway at jfk. after an anonymous call came and clearly there's an explosive device and the hijacker on board. investigators did not find anything on board. another flight from helsinki have to be inspected after similar threats were made. it was a long hot summer for some airline sought passengers. the number of long delays in july involving a planned stock on a truck was more than the previous eight months combined. 20 planes or awaiting on the run for more than three hours that log. 18 of those planes operated by u.s. carriers. san francisco international airport report concession sales jump 14% plus accrued and all showed double- digit increases in the fiscal year that ended in june. the
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major reason is there hope reopening of a renovated terminal to. sentences committee has come up with new numbers on its on- time performance. thus the metro trains were on time of about a rate of 57% in august. the rate was about 60% in july. the drop in august was mainly due to driver absences in vehicles that broke down. mid and began using more accurate figures the summer without accounting maneuvers to inflate the numbers. president obama's administration is handing out tens of millions of dollars to get diesel buses off city streets. more than half of california's money will go to san francisco. the rusty riverside in southern california and the moderate salinas transit system on the
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central coast. but the demand for the new apple phone is sending sat out of stock to new heights. the car and his height as 7 02 in after-hours trading so that several want. a lot of people are witty and lines to buy the new from the hit store shelves on friday. it's not just the hard fans and lines these days. some are there to promote their own products including a company that buys or live funds. others are there that he hopes someone will pay them for their spot in line. shares of group on our gun 7% with the stock fell after a new survey of more than a hundred merchants found more than a third when not to this is what to do the deal internet company again.
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the owner of four local gymnasiums has severed ties with gold's gym. to a san francisco what oakland and what a recount the are not operating as fit as the staff. one member told gold should executive give money to a group that supports republican include some who oppose same-sex marriage. he cannot legally talk about the reason for the split. everything didn't to be said was that two years ago about that issue. religious focus of our future. goshen says it was in recent talks to renew its contract with an agreement could not be reached and the contract expired last december from a woman could have a pot gold's when four other nevada. the 69 year-old recently died in carson city. readers and neighbors to help clean up his house predicament and apart a stack of mysterious boxes.
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without was the ammunition that would open up and it was gross of $20 gold pieces. i've never seen that much gold mine life or corns the old. can use the jackpot? it took to be the norm out good old ways of much how to be as worth $7 million. but the age of the correspondence is probably worth a lot more. the cousin who is a family member is no wonder a teacher. unnecessary intrusions how the fbi is the finance surveillance occupy 01. an unusual plan at a seven california high school. what's the inspiration and other principal says she actually
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meant it could bring a duty to his arm but he and tv. what the report said but before this little boy here looks out and stops.
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anthill to sprinkle and right- hander a golden good intelligence the material arm, all looking problem for you. this new print ad they seldom go high school was the principal smiling. suspend three weeks and $900
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building the giant hamster wheel. he came up with the idea of watching his own answer on its wheel. that represents the academic rat race. i was so amazed what the kids had done. students but the wheel to school last thursday and they got positive reaction from the students. as we are no other arson pitfalls to do and live interviews on television. the dinner reporter learned that lesson the hard way. he was talking to a cobbler about the local hardware a passable. i will make a lousy politician i lost the ball i love that could hit to the
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is the relief of a guided tour he tried to help by a bursting into song and no little against the but then it was too late. haunted a hidden camera comments that have mitt romney on the defense within through ellis and and your business. occupied this have come to an overnight in sentences the pleas of given an eviction notice for a 6:00 this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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